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Profesional Plasma Display

Plasma displays produce vivid colors, deep blacks for exceptional contrast ratios, and sharp, clean, fast motion video.

With its large video screen plasma displays are installed for applications including corporate boardrooms, to digital signage, hotels and resorts, bars and restaurants, video production facilities, public entertainment, education and training, and much more.

How Plasma Displays Works

Plasma is a flat, lightweight surface covered with millions of tiny glass bubbles. Each bubble contains a gas-like substance, the plasma, and has a phosphor coating. Think of the bubbles as the pixels.

Now, think of each pixel-bubble as having three sub-pixels - one red, one green, one blue. When it is time to display an image signal (RGB or video), a digitally controlled electric current flows through the flat screen, causing the plasma inside designated bubbles to give off ultraviolet rays. This light in turn causes the phosphor coatings to glow the appropriate color. Millions of RGB bubbles glowing and dimming to make a rich, vivid image.

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